Banshees Fastpitch Softball History

It all began back in 1987 when a fellow by the name of John Burke decided to start a softball team that would expose the girls to a higher level of softball than the local little league could. So he decided to start a travel 16 & under team but could not decide what to call his new softball team.Banshee rock tournament 2012 12U Championship team picture

After listening to the way the girls cheered, and in tribute to his Irish heritage, he decided on “The Banshees.” The actual name comes from Gaelic folklore. A Banshee is an evil female spirit whose scream signifies death. The Banshees added a 14 & under team in 1988 and stayed a two-team organization for quite some time. When Mr. Burke became the varsity head coach of the Hatboro Horsham High School softball team the Banshees became a way to prepare the younger ladies to play at the high school varsity level. In 1995, Mr. Burke asked Bob Sadowl to start a 12 & under team and a third age group was born. In 1998, Lou James became the 10 & under coach and a fourth age group was born. 2012 10U PONY NQ Tourney ChampsIn 2001, Ron Morris became the 18 & under coach and a fifth age group was born.

Although some years the Banshee’s were unable to field a team at a particular age bracket, there was always enough interest and teams to keep the organization going.

The Banshees organization is now in its 29th consecutive season as an organization and continues to grow. We currently have teams at the 10U, two 12U and 14U.

Do you have what it takes to be a Banshees travel softball player? If interested, check for the appropriate age bracket coach and come on out to practice.