Good Luck to the Banshee’s attending Seton Hall Prospect Camp!

Seton Hall 2

Banshee’s would like to thank Seton Hall Softball for having us out this Sunday November 12th.   The girls, players and parents are excited to be apart of what should be a good day of Softball.

Camp description: This camp will cover all advanced skills in the areas of:

  • Throwing – learn proper mechanics to maximize arm strength while reducing the risk of injury
  • Receiving – master force-play footwork, relays and double-play transfers
  • Infield – learn footwork to increase range and minimize errrors
  • Outfield – cover more ground & increase accuracy of long throws through proper mechanics
  • Baserunning – discover baserunning secrets to keep the pressure on your opponents
  • Hitting – increase your power and accuracy and learn how to hit like a Pirate
  • Bunting – move runners by mastering sacrifice and sneak bunt basics
  • Live Scrimmages

Hustle and show them who the Banshee’s are!



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